Spam Filtering Service

Enhance systems reliability and profits!

JB Tech Enterprises offers a most reliable and real-time online service for blocking spam, virus and much more from entering your servers through emails. We will rid you of many associated nuisances that keep invading your computers compromising security, systems reliability and company policy. Greater reliability enhances your productivity and profits!

Our integrated hardware and software solution takes care of spam, virus, spoofing, phishing, spyware and much more through twelve layers of filters and firewalls that include your company defined policy. That spares you the head-ache and costs of overseeing, while your employees work with greater ease of mind.

Economical and customer-friendly, our spam and virus filter service facility is designed for a wide variety of customers – from as few as 10 users to as large as 100,000 users or more! Do you have to bother about updating your anti-spam and anti-virus software from time to time? No! We take care of that on an hourly basis, giving you continuous real-time hassle free online service.

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