Offsite Backups

JB Tech Offsite Backup Service for all your critical records!

JB Tech Offsite Backup Service facility removes the risk of unexpected data loss and its consequences. It keeps your data in tact, enables quick recovery and leaves you worry-free.

JB Tech Offsite Backup Service is specifically targeted to meet the needs of offices and small & medium enterprises with ‘security, reliability and economical option’ as watch words for achieving customer satisfaction.

Why have backup services?
The life blood of any organization is its operational data, which gets created and updated continuously. The critical importance of secure storage, backup, access and recovery of data has long been recognized. Data once lost is difficult and expensive to recreate on the one hand and the potential loss of customer goodwill due to delayed work, is even worse. Add to this the loss of productive time and disruption of schedules in recreating the lost data. Thus, the importance of maintaining backup copies all the critical data with certainty of recovery can not be over-emphasized.

Technical advances in electronic data processing have done away with manual records, even as the risks of loss of electronically stored data multiplied manifold and gave rise to various types of data copying and storing methods. They range from the early models of media like cards, tapes, diskettes and disks (all of which were usually located within the organization); to the contemporary secure offsite backup server facilities.

Drawbacks of earlier on-site backup methods
The earlier on-site methods of duplicating data on various types of media or even with duplicate servers have severe limitations and utility. On-site backup using traditional media is a high risk option. They are not automatic, have to be controlled / operated by someone – usually busy & expensive executives; the occurrences of either media failure or forgetting to backup are too common, and most importantly the high risk of simultaneous damage to both the main as well as backup facilities located in the same premises.

To elaborate further, on-site and traditional backup systems suffer from:

  • Potentially simultaneous damage to the main and backup facility, being located in the same premises. This results in loss of data for a wide variety of unforeseen situations like fire or earthquakes, virus attacks, systemic failures, human errors etc. Data being vital, it is inappropriate to expose it to potential risks of loss.
  • Non-reliability and low life expectancy of storage devices. They are prone to be damaged, corrupted or misplaced easily.
  • High dependence on the efficiency of staff; backup happens only with human intervention. This adds to executive costs even as it builds risks of oversight – a double whammy!
  • Inability to recover lost data. This would result in loss of productivity, avoidable expenses and serious disruption to on-going work.

The JB Tech Enterprise solution
To overcome these limitations and to provide service especially to offices, small & medium size enterprises, JB Tech Enterprise is offering Offsite Backup Service, a reliable and robust choice that is based on a top security, offsite server facility, utilizing the Internet or private networks to transfer data.

Multiple advantages at economical costs

Offsite Backup Service solution offers multiple advantages at economical costs as listed below:

  • Offsite Backup Service is economical, hassle-free and reliable. Latest and highest standards of security encryption with 256 bit AES ensure that any data that is stored in our 100% secure server remains under complete and exclusive control of the customer – for access and / or modification. An additional layer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for communication to the offsite facility complements the security arrangement.
  • Our service will include installation and maintenance of software programs in the customers’ servers which are easy to understand and simple to operate for the purposes of data uploading, accessing, retrieval and modification etc. by authorized personnel.
  • Since the service is based on online transfer of data, even remotely located offices and businesses can avail of this facility without any additional investment.
  • Data archiving parameters can be decided by the customer. Archive file catalogs enable access or recovery of specific files with ease and minimum loss of productive time.
  • Choice of operation, whether continuous backup or periodic backup, remains with the customer.
  • In the continuous option, as and when data is created, it will be backed up at the Offsite Backup Service server on real time basis. Any changes that take place in the process of data creation are automatically taken care of and the final product the customer has in his or her office is the same as what is backed up in our secure backup server.
  • Alternatively, customers may opt for discreet and random storing of data as per their choice of time, frequency or event.
  • In either option, recovery of lost data can be made as of the moment when the last backup saving was executed. In case of data loss due to virus attacks, the corrupted data can be rolled back to the point before the virus strike to set the point for virus-free data recovery, thus obviating the need for total scrapping or total rework.
  • Data backup takes place in our offsite dedicated server facility thus creating the second rung of defense against any unforeseen disasters either at the customers’ premises or at our facility. One set of data always remains available.
  • Data transfer, access and recovery takes place over the Internet or private networks and to the extent planned, thus keeping the broadband width utilization or expenses within the planned limits.
  • A moderate service cost will go a long way in insuring against potential high costs of data loss including loss of customer goodwill.

JB Tech Enterprise is ready to call on you to explain in detail many of the salient features of Offsite Backup Service like security, reliability, speed of recovery, ease of operation, etc.